“First ever pre-nup on the Ethereum Blockchain” - Now activated!

"Smart Contract" by Gaurang; Design by Sayalee

“Date nights for workaholics”

It is stipulatory that both parties should spend at least 100 minutes every 10 days on a date-night


“Zombie apocalypse vs Comedy Central”

The wife hereby acknowledges that she would watch Walking Dead with the husband after the husband completes watching all seasons of Seinfeld


“$$ bill yo”

Both parties hereby agree that either party can go only on one shopping spree every fortnight unless its for food. Then the other party shall never object to such noble “shopping spree”


“The cook-offs!”

It is hereby agreed that no party to this agreement shall claim that their recipe is better than that of the other party's


“Domestic God-ddess”

Household chores shall be divided equally and in the event that one doesn’t finish assigned chore, then they will provide other party with cakes/ steak/ unlimited food, whichever is preferred, for one week


A Pre-nup on a blockchain???

While talking about blockchains and its endless possibilities, we thought of using it to solve our day to day problems. As we are getting married this December, we immediately thought of a putting our pre-nup on the blockchain as a "smart" solution! So the next time when we have to decide which show to watch on Netflix, this is where we can find the tamper proof, single source of truth- that no coder or a photoshop master can manipulate. Believe us, our problems only revolve around food, TV series/ movies and our OCD quirks. We know, that sounds like a first world problem but hey, to each his own.

The C(ouple)reators

Gaurang Torvekar
Co-Founder & CTO, Attores

Gaurang is the co-founder & CTO at Attores, a blockchain company which provides Smart Contracts as a Service.

Sayalee Kaluskar
Creative Art Director, honestbee

Sayalee is a Creative Art Director at honestbee Singapore. She works on kickass creative concepts (brainstorming mainly from bars and pubs around their office)

And Finally we got married on 10 Dec, 2016!!

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